Rapid Syphilis Test Toolkit: A Guide to Planning, Management, and Implementation

The Rapid Syphilis Test Toolkit provides a framework and series of tools for the introduction of rapid syphilis tests into country programmes. It was developed at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for a project to determine the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of different strategies for the introduction of rapid syphilis tests in seven countries.

The toolkit is based on the experience of the seven countries and is intended to provide useful guidance to countries on the planning, management and implementation of programmes for screening prenatal and high risk populations for syphilis with the new rapid tests; however, it's application extends beyond syphilis and is a valuable tool for the introduction of any rapid test.

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Born Healthy: Giving everyone the best start for life

The Born Healthy programme was established by the PHG Foundation as a response to the urgent need to reduce the burden of birth defects in developing countries.

As initiatives to tackle diseases like malaria and HIV AIDS show positive results, birth defects become the leading cause of childhood death in low and middle income countries. Every year, around eight million babies are born with birth defects, and at least three million children die. Many more face a lifetime of disability, poverty and stigma.

Amid competing demands on limited resources, health professionals need to be able to make a compelling case for new programmes and services. The PHG Health Needs Assessment Toolkit for Congenital Disorders is a comprehensive and innovative system that provides a roadmap for collecting evidence of health needs and engaging stakeholders in planning and implementing strategies for prevention, treatment and care that reflect their local circumstances.

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