Global Health Diagnostics ( is one of a collection websites that make up The Global Health Network. Global Health Diagnostics is an interactive website dedicated to sharing information and facilitating discussions and learning of a multitude of topics in the field of diagnostics. Joining is free and anyone with an interest in diagnostics can become a member! More information on who can, and how to join is below. Hopefully this helps you join and contribute to the growing Global Health Diagnostics!

Who can use the network?
Anyone with an interest in diagnostics and public health or those working in the field of diagnostics or public health are welcome to join. During the joining process you can also elect to become a member of any of the other sites in The Global Health Network.

How to become a member?
You become a member by registering on Global Health Diagnostics or any one of The Global Health Network sites. Registering is free and it’s easy to do. To join, click the "Register here" button on the top right corner of the Global Health Diagnostics homepage or any other home page in the Network. You will be asked to complete a form to register and can create a detailed profile with information on your experience, education, employment history and any papers you have published. You will also be able to choose which sites in the Global Health Network you wish to join but as a member you can access them all!

One advantage of joining specific sites is receiving Newsletters. For example Global Health Diagnostics will be circulating newsletters to update members on the latest articles, blogs and discussions happening on Global Health Diagnostics. As a member, you will receive the newsletter in your email box. As a member of another site but not Global Health Diagnostics, you will still be able to view the newsletter under “Community >> Blogs”.

Once you have registered for Global Health Diagnostics, you can sign in through the "Sign In" button in the top right corner.

To navigate from Global Health Diagnostics to any other site in the network, click on the “Global Health Network Sites” button located in the bottom left corner of the page.

Benefits of Membership
There are a number of difference between being a viewer of a network site and a member. The biggest difference is the ability to become involved! Members have the ability to participate in a all the activities of the network, including:
- Joining or creating discussion groups
- Contributing comments to articles, discussion groups, workspaces
- Creating bookmarks
- Writing and sharing blogs
- Enrolling in e-learning courses
- Joining the professional membership scheme
The blogs, bookmarks, workspaces and discussion groups can all be found in the “Community”. Take a look around, share your expertise, a protocol or a work in progress in a private workspace! Or even write your own blog!

If you have an interest in the e-learning courses or Professional Membership Schemes, head to the Global Health Training Centre. Both e learning and the Professional Membership Scheme have their own tabs where more information is found. These are free to use when you are a member of the network.