The Challenge of Introducing Diagnostics in Resource-Limited Settings

This presentation is provided in pdf format and is authored by Maurine Murtagh, and created for the Partnering for global HEalth Forum in 2011.

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RDT Info - Rapid Diagnostic Tests Information

RDT Info is an informational resource on rapid diagnostic tests and was developed for public health program managers and decision makers working in developing countries or other low-resource settings.

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Evidence Based Tuberculosis Diagnosis

This is a comprehensive resource, created by STOP TB, for the synthesis of evidence, policies, guidelines and research agendas on TB diagnostics.

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Pan African Harmonization Working Party on Medical Devices and Diagnostics

PAHWP is a voluntary body that aims to improve access to safe and affordable medical devices and diagnostics in Africa though harmonized regulation. Our first priority is in vitro diagnostic devices. A new generation of diagnostic tests are being developed for use at the point of care that could save lives and stop the spread of infectious diseases. It is important patients in Africa have access to these tests without delay.

PAHWP aims to study and recommend ways to ensure tests are safe and effective while minimizing costs and delays, allowing faster access to cheaper products. We shall undertake pilot projects in Africa using new point of care tests for CD4, viral load and early infant diagnosis of HIV as examples.

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Asian Harmonization Working Party: Working Towards Medical Device Harmonization in Asia

Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP) is established as a non-profit organization. Its goals are to study and recommend ways to harmonize medical device regulations in the Asian and other regions and to work in coordination with the Global Harmonization Task Force, APEC and other related international organizations aiming at establishing harmonized requirements, procedures and standards. The Working Party is a group of experts from the medical device regulatory authorities and the medical device industry. Membership is open to those representatives from the Asian and other regions that support the above stated goals.

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Correspondence re: Familiar barriers still unresolved - a perspective on the Zika virus outbreak research response

3rd March 2019 • comment

Recurrent recent arbovirus infections suggested by serologic data and unspecific symptoms highlight the need for exhaustive virologic testing.

25th January 2019 • comment

The authors of this study have identified three major bottlenecks in the implementation of a swift response to the increasing frequency of widespread infectious disease outbreaks: the absence of a timeline for the funding process, delays in regulatory and ethical approval, and the challenging logistics of laboratory support, including diagnostics.

9th November 2018 • comment

Evaluation of NS1 antigen assay as an alternative to RT-PCR for the early diagnosis of dengue

11th June 2016 • comment

Evaluation of rapid diagnostic test for dengue virus

8th June 2016 • comment

Vector control, surveillance, drugs, diagnostics and vaccines all hold exciting potential but none can solve the problem alone. We need an integrated approach.

4th April 2016 • comment

Xpert MTB/RIF assay for pulmonary tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in adults

by Karen R Steingart, Hojoon Sohn, Ian Schiller, Lorie A Kloda, Catharine C Boehme, Madhu Pai, Nandini Dendukuri
6th March 2013 • comment

Development and Validation of a Novel Diagnostic Test for Human Brucellosis Using a Glyco-engineered Antigen Coupled to Magnetic Beads

by Andrés E. Ciocchini, Diego A. Rey Serantes, Luciano J. Melli, Jeremy A. Iwashkiw, Bettina Deodata, Jorge Wallach, Mario F. FEldman, Juan E. Ugalde, Diego J. Comerci
27th February 2013 • comment
4th September 2012 • comment
14th August 2012 • comment

Requirements for high impact diagnostics in the developing world

by Mickey Urdea, Laura A. Penny, Stuart S. Olmsted, Maria Y. Giovanni, Peter Kaspar, Andrew Shepherd, Penny Wilson, Carol A. Dahl, Steven Buchsbaum, Gerry Moeller, Deborah C. Hay Burgess
9th August 2012 • comment

Enteric fever diagnostics reviews

by Paula Bianca Blomquist
18th July 2012 • comment

Microfluid technologies

by Paula Bianca Blomquist
16th July 2012 • comment
16th July 2012 • comment

Promise versus Reality: Optimism Bias in Package Inserts for Tuberculosis Diagnostics

by Claudia M. Denkinger, Jasmine Grenier, Jessica Minion, Madhukar Pai
13th July 2012 • comment

Point-of-Care Tests to Strengthen Health Systems and Save Newborn Lives: The Case of Syphilis

by David Mabey, Kimberly Sollis, Helen Kelly, Adele Schwartz Benzaken, Edward Bitarakwate, John Changalucha, Xiang-Sheng Chen, Yue-Pin Ying, Patricia Garcia, Susan Strasser, Namwinga Chintu, Tikki Pang, Fern Terris-Prestholt, Sedona Sweeney, Rosanna Peeling
10th July 2012 • comment

A Research Agenda for Helminth Diseases of Humans: Diagnostics for Control and Elimination Programmes

by James S. McCarthy, Sara Lustigman, Guo-Jing Yang, Rashida M. Barakat, Héctor H. García, Banchob Sripa, Arve Lee Willingham, Roger K. Prichard, María-Gloria Basáñez
10th July 2012 • comment

Towards Point-of-Care Diagnostic and Staging Tools for Human African Trypanosomiaisis

by Enock Matovu, Anne Juliet Kazibwe, Claire Mack Mugasa, Joseph Mathu Ndungu, Zablon Kithingi
10th July 2012 • comment
16th February 2012 • comment

Evidence-Based Tuberculosis Diagnosis

by Madhukar Pai, Andrew Ramsay, Richard O'Brien
16th February 2012 • comment
13th February 2012 • comment
4th December 2011 • comment
4th December 2011 • comment
4th December 2011 • comment