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This discussion forum has been set up to allow the discussion of diagnostic tests which are not disease-specific, or for discussing e.g. laboratory techniques which may be applicable across a range of settings.


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Since that the potential consequences of its infection are dangerous and severe, there something important should be done... Follow you need any ideas!

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Discussions With An Expert: Have Your Say!

Global Health Diagnostics has hosted two "Discussions with an Expert". We've talked congenital syphilis and tuberculosis diagnostics and more!  As the coordinator of Global Health Diagnostics, I thought I would put the choice to our members: what topic do you want to discuss with an expert? HIV Monitoring? Neglected Tropical Diseases? We're putting it to the vote!  This Group is dedicated to the member's suggestions for the next "Discussion with an Expert". You select the topic, and we'll find the expert!


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Discussions with an Expert is a two-week, interactive discussion group on a specific topic, led by an expert in the subject area. The 'expert' is selected by the Global Health Diagnostics Coordination, ...

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In Vitro Diagnostics Forum

This space is dedicated to discussions of the quality and performance of diagnostic tests used in your laboratories. It is intended to generate discussion, the sharing of ideas and possible solutions among researchers, end-users, and developers and manufacturers of diagnostic tests. It is expected that all posts will be respectful, constructive, and professional. All comments will be monitored and any which are in breach of the code of conduct (available on 'About this site') will be removed and the individual responsible for the post will face suspension or deletion of their account.


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This case-study highlights the need for constant quality control and quality assurance programs in place. As a result of the problems SD experienced with their HIV tests, Kenya changed it's testing policy ...

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Extra pulmonary and pediatric tuberculosis

Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis disease is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality, as is TB in young children who are often unable to expectorate sputum. Microscopy of extrapulmonary specimens yields poor results and the disease is often not detected. An improved test is badly needed. This group is dedicated to discussions about the diagnosis of extrapulmonary and pediatric tuberculosis.


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Medcins Sans Frontier (MSF) have published a press release reporting findings from a large multi-national cohort of children showing there is an urgent need for better TB tests for children. The study ...

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Discussion with an Expert: Control of Congenital Syphilis

Dr. David Mabey, Professor of Communicable Diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Dr. Adele Benzaken, Alfredo da Matta Foundation and FIOCRUZ/ Amazonas, will be responding to questions and guiding discussion on the control of congenital syphilis. This discussion will begin March 12 and continue through until March 28. It is estimated that two million pregnant women are infected with syphilis every year and that over half of these pass it on to their unborn children. If untreated during pregnancy, syphilis can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery, low birth weight and even the death of newborns. How is congenital syphilis controlled in your country? What role does your laboratory have in screeening pregnant women for syphilis? What could be done to improve this system?


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In some HIV and leprosy patients the non treponemal tests have instable results. It doesn’t represent resistance.

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Discussion with an Expert: Tuberculosis Serology

Dr. Madhukar Pai, an Associate Professor at McGill University, and expert in the field of tuberculosis, will be answering questions and guiding discussion on TB serology tests from February 20 to March 1. Information on these tests and the WHO’s negative policy can be found in Resources and on


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TB is rather unusual in that it does not provoke a dramatic acute immune response, unlike many other bacterial pathogens, for example a person can harbor huge numbers of MTB cells and ...

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Community for Enterics Diagnostics

This community is intended to complement the Enterics website and provide a specific focus on diagnostic tests for enteric diseases. The Global Health Network Enterics website can be reached through: