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Articles form Nature Journal on Diagnostics


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Evidence International is dedicated to strengthening health systems in low-resource settings by improving the capacity for, and access to, evidence-based health care. They empower health care professionals and students with user-centred education, tools, and technology to build capacity for evidence-based practice, to promote evidence-based health care, and to produce translational clinical research in low-resource settings.

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London Centre for Neglected Tropical Diseases Research

The Centre, a joint initiative of Imperial College London, the London School of Hygiene &Tropical Medicine and the Natural History Museum, undertakes cutting-edge research to build the evidence base around the design, implementation and evaluation of neglected tropical disease control and elimination programmes.

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Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Parasitology

Niklaus Weiss and Joachim Pelikan at the Swiss TPH provide an excellent training course for diagnostic medical parasitology, featuring a virtual microscope and beautiful microscophic images.
The course leads the student from basic training to more complicated diagnostic exercises.

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African Society for Laboratory Medicine

ASLM is a pan-African professional body endorsed by the African Union and focused on improving healthcare by strengthening diagnostic testing. Laboratory testing is pivotal in disease diagnosis, epidemiological surveillance, outbreak investigations, initiation and monitoring of treatment, as well as research and development.

Medical laboratories in Africa are unfortunately underdeveloped and cannot meet the testing demands of rapidly growing health delivery services in the 21st century. Recognising the World Health Organization (WHO) Resolution AFR/RC58/R2 for strengthening public health laboratories in the African region and the 2008 Maputo Declaration on Strengthening of Laboratory Systems, ASLM will address these challenges by working collaboratively with governments, national, regional and international organisations, implementing partners, the private sector and other agencies to achieve the following goals by 2020:

Building a sustainable laboratory workforce
Accrediting laboratories to improve performance and quality
Improving the regulation of medical diagnostic products
Building laboratory networks to improve early disease detection and collaborative research

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