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Seeding Labs is an initiative that helps scientists in developing countries to conduct research. For scientists in low and middle income countries, starting a modern lab comes with expenses that are often impossible to raise. Access to equipment and supplies – even older models – is the difference between building a functional lab and having to suspend research. In other contries, however, institutions have to continuously update their technology, and old or surplus equipment is taking up storage space, or even thrown away.

The initiative allows labs to donate equipment that might have been replaced by more modern one, but is still perfectly functional, as well as unwanted consumables, and manuals or glassware (a list of needed equipment can be found here). Therefore it helps to clean out storage facilities and reduce environmental impact, but goes beyond that: Donating and receiving institutions partner up and connect, therefore providing opportunities for collaborations, as well as capacity building.

Seeding Labs conducts selection of recipient labs via external reviewers, equipment matching and shipping abroad. Equipment donations are tax deductible.

In 2013, Seeding Labs celebrated their 5th birthday - Happy Birthday!