A special issue of the journal Parasitology on Advances in diagnostics for parasitic diseases features contributions from over 75 authors, with 19 papers in total, providing a great overview of the state of the art. The manuscripts were presented at the British Society for Parasitology (BSP) Autumn Symposium in September 2013.

Diagnostics across a broad range of diseases are discussed, starting with an editorial by Rosanna Peeling and David Mabey on NTDs. Other articles include:

- Evaluation of portable microscopic devices for the diagnosis of Schistosoma and soil-transmitted helminth infection by Bogoch et al.

- Towards malaria microscopy at the point-of-contact: an assessment of the diagnostic performance of the Newton Nm1 microscope in Uganda by Stothard et al.

- Detection of high levels of anti-α-galactosyl antibodies in sera of patients with Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis: a possible tool for diagnosis and biomarker for cure in an elimination setting by Al-Salem et al.

- Shrinking the lymphatic filariasis map: update on diagnostic tools for mapping and transmission monitoring by Rebollo and Bockarie

Some of the articles are open access, and can be accessed via this link.



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