Global Health Delivery Online: Improving health care delivery through online collaboration

Global Health Delivery Online (GHDOnline), a product of the Global Health Delivery Project, is a platform of expert-led communities where health care implementers collaborate to improve the delivery of health care.
GHD Online has ten public communities (Adherence & Retention, Endemic Non-Communicable Diseases, Global Health Nursing & Midwifery, Global Surgery & Anaesthesia, Health IT, HIV Prevention, Malaria Treatment & Prevention, MDR-TB Treatment & Prevention, TB Infection Control, and Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network) dedicated to improving health care delivery through global collaboration. Communities are thematically based, and lead by more than 30 expert moderations.

GHDOnline also hosts a clinical exchange, a private community designed to serve as a consultation and teaching tool.

For more information, or to join GHDOnline go to

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Biobanks provide an important repository of samples for research purposes. However, for those samples to reflect the in vivo state, and for experimental reliability and reproducibility, careful attention to collection, processing and storage is essential. 

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