The Zika virus appears to have emerged from nowhere, causing widespread health concerns throughout the world after decades of relative silence.

9th March 2016 • comment

The Zika virus is another wild card dealt to us by nature. It was first discovered in 1947.

17th February 2016 • comment

Analytical and Clinical Performance of the CDC Real Time RT-PCR Assay for Detection and Typing of Dengue Virus

by Gilberto A Santiago, Edgardo Vergne, Yashira Quiles, Joan Cosme, Jesus Vazquez, Juan F. Medina, Freddy Medina, Candimar Colon, Harold Margolis, Jorge L. Munoz-Jordan
19th July 2013 • comment

First International External Quality Assessment of Molecular Detection of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus

by Camille Escadafal, Stephan Olschlager, Tatjana Avsic Zupanc, Anna Papa, Jessica Vanhomwegen, Roman Wolfel, Ali Mirazimi, Annette Teichmann, Oliver Donoso Mantke, Matthias Niedriq
12th July 2012 • comment