Call for Papers: Special issue on strengthening tuberculosis diagnostic networks in Africa - African Journal of Laboratory Medicine

22nd January 2016 • comment

Randomised Clinical Trial Investigating the Specificity of Novel Skin Test (C-Tb) for Diagnosis of M. tuberculosis Infection

by Henrik Aggerbeck, Rafaela Giemza, Paulatsya Joshi, Pernille N. Tingskov, Soren T. Hoff, Julia Boyle, Peter Andersen, David J. M. Lewis
26th May 2013 • comment

Xpert MTB/RIF assay for pulmonary tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in adults

by Karen R Steingart, Hojoon Sohn, Ian Schiller, Lorie A Kloda, Catharine C Boehme, Madhu Pai, Nandini Dendukuri
6th March 2013 • comment
21st November 2012 • comment
16th July 2012 • comment
16th July 2012 • comment

This review, written by Ruth McNerney and Peter Daley, provides an overview of the state of research into point-of-care diagnostics for active tuberculosis and highlights the barriers to the development of these tests.

2nd March 2012 • comment

Evidence-Based Tuberculosis Diagnosis

by Madhukar Pai, Andrew Ramsay, Richard O'Brien
16th February 2012 • comment