Sam Sia is an Associate Professor at Columbia University and was voted one of MITs top innovators under 35 in 2010 for his work on designing inexpensive microfluidic chips for diagnostics. Sam's most recent work has focused on developing a diagnostic device that can be connected as a dongle to a smartphone and used to diagnose HIV and syphilis. 

31st March 2015 • comment

Prioritizing Congenital Syphilis Control in South China: A Decision Analytic Model to Inform Policy Implementation

by Nicholas X. Tan, Chara Rydzak, Li-Gang Yang, Peter Vickerman, Bin Yang, Rosanna W. Peeling, Sarah Hawkes, Xiang-Sheng Chen, Joseph D. Tucker
23rd October 2013 • comment

Rapid Syphilis Testing Uptake for Female Sex Workers at Sex Venues in Southern China: Implication for Expanding Syphilis Screening

by Xiang-Sheng Chen, Yeu-Ping Yin, Crystal Shen, Guo-Gu Liu, Zheng-Jun Zhu, Wan-Hui Wei, Hong-Chun Wang, Shui-Jie Huang, Jing Li, Joseph D Tucker, David Mabey, Rosanna Peeling
6th March 2013 • comment

Point-of-Care Tests to Strengthen Health Systems and Save Newborn Lives: The Case of Syphilis

by David Mabey, Kimberly Sollis, Helen Kelly, Adele Schwartz Benzaken, Edward Bitarakwate, John Changalucha, Xiang-Sheng Chen, Yue-Pin Ying, Patricia Garcia, Susan Strasser, Namwinga Chintu, Tikki Pang, Fern Terris-Prestholt, Sedona Sweeney, Rosanna Peeling
10th July 2012 • comment
2nd March 2012 • comment