Sam Sia is an Associate Professor at Columbia University and was voted one of MITs top innovators under 35 in 2010 for his work on designing inexpensive microfluidic chips for diagnostics. Sam's most recent work has focused on developing a diagnostic device that can be connected as a dongle to a smartphone and used to diagnose HIV and syphilis. 

31st March 2015 • comment
5th February 2015 • comment

Uptake of Home-Based Voluntary HIV Testing in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review and Met-Analysis

by Kalpana Sabapathy, Rafael Van den Bergh, Sarah Fidler, Richard Hayes, Nathan Ford
7th January 2013 • comment

Early infant diagnosis of HIV infection in Zambia through mobile phone texting of blood test results

by Phil Seidenberg, Stephen Nicholson , Merrick Schaefer, Katherine Semrau, Maximillian Bweupe, Noel Masese, Rachael Bonawitz, Lastone Chitembo, Caitlin Goggin, Donald M Thea
10th July 2012 • comment

CD4+ cell count testing more effective than HIV disease clinical staging in identifying pregnant and postpartum women eligible for antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settings

by Rosalind Carter, Kate Dugan, Wafaa El-Sadr, Landon Myer, Juliana Otieno, Nattaya Pungpapong, Patricia Toro, Elaine Abrams
9th July 2012 • comment

Why do we need a point-of-care CD4 test for low-income countries?

by R. Zachariah, S. Reid, P. Chaillet, M. Massaquoi, E. Schouten, A. Harries
5th July 2012 • comment
5th July 2012 • comment
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16th February 2012 • comment