Evidence Based Tuberculosis Diagnosis (http://tbevidence.org/) is a comprehensive online resource for synthesis, policies, guidelines and research agendas for tuberculosis. http://tbevidence.org/ has been developed with the support of Stop TB Partnership's New Diagnostics Working Group (NDWG); World Health Organization (WHO); Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND); Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR); Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI); Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC); Curry International Tuberculosis Center, UCSF; and McGill TB Research Group.

TB Evidence can also be accessed through Bookmark and has been highlighted as a Resources because it is a valuable outlet for the latest information on tuberculosis diagnostics. Additionally, TB Evidence has dedicated a space to Reviews on Serological Tests for TB. This can be accessed through the following link: http://tbevidence.org/2011/11/reviews-on-serological-tests-for-tb/ or by navigating through the website. Reviews on Serological Tests for TB is of particular interest give the WHO negative policy on the use of these tests.

TB Evidence also has a list of WHO policies on tuberculosis tests including their policy on commercial serodiagnostic tests for diagnosis of tuberculosis (2011) available here: http://tbevidence.org/who-policies/ or by navigating through the website.


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